Tarpon Springs Greek Salad

Our delicious Greek Salad dressed up with gulf shrimp and housemade potato salad.


Healthy Lunch Choice Number 2: Tarpon Springs Greek Salad

We would like to introduce a new menu item, the Tarpon Springs Greek Salad. The Greek Salad has been a popular menu item at Swann Avenue for a long time. For the holidays we thought we would give it a little something extra, potato salad and grilled shrimp, creating the Tarpon Springs Greek Salad. 

The salad has all the expected ingredients, romaine lettuce, tomato, kalamata olives, feta cheese and pepperocini peppers, but we dressed it up by adding some fresh grilled shrimp and house made potato salad. Here at Swann Avenue Market and Deli, we pride ourselves on high quality ingredients. Our shrimp is sourced from a local seafood distributor who uses only the finest practices both in acquiring and packaging the shrimp. This is not FARM RAISED shrimp. It was caught in the gulf using nets. As a matter of fact, if you ask us, we can even tell you where your shrimp was caught! We grill it in house to keep preservatives to a minimum. Our potato salad is also made in house to insure quality and consistency. Even the dressing in made at the deli. 

We all know the holidays can add a little something extra to the waistline. Our Tarpon Springs Greek Salad delivers BIG on flavor without being high in calories. For those of you on Weight Watchers, the salad is 10 points on the Green Plan (the most restrictive of the new plans). If you are really trying to go lean, you can eliminate the potato salad and save 3 points, but trust me, those 3 points are well spent!

At Swann Avenue Deli, we put the deli in delicious and help you navigate the holidays without looking like Santa.